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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Lease from Rev. Francis Gastrell of Stratford, clerk, to John Halford of Stratford, ironmonger, of a barn, stable, etc. in Bridgetown, Old Stratford, with eight closes known together as the Sallee Closes and separately as the Great Cold Harbour, Little Cold Harbour, Little Ground, Hill Ground, Smiths Ground, Bridlegate Close and Old Barn Close, and meadowland called Wakes Meadow, all in the tenure of the said John Halford for 19 years for a yearly rent of £62 and 3d in the pound `privy tithe', with £10 for every acre of meadow broken up and £5 for every acre sown with flax, hemp, woad or madder.