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Grant from Thomas Hoggys, chaplain and John Parker of Snytefeld to Thomas Elmet, of the same, and Dionicia his wife, of a messuage with curtilage adjoining in Snytefeld situate between the tenement late of Walter Malins and the king's highway and 2 acres of arable land in the fields of Snytefeld of which 1/2 acre lies at Hunstensmor between land of Thomas Bloxham and John Hopper; 1/2 acre lies behind Rowlowe and butts on the king's highway between land of the aforesaid Thomas Bloxham and John Hopper; 1/2 acre lies upon Overmersforlong opposite the windmill between the land of the aforesaid Thomas and John; 1/2 acre lies against Fletenhull near a certain Marlpit between land of the said Thomas and John, at an annual rent of 4d to John Fayrfax. Witnesses: John Baker of the Wolde, John Hervy of Snytefeld, Thomas Cokys of the same, etc. Dated Snytefeld, Saturday after the Feast of St. Vincent the Martyr, 18 Richard II.