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Feoffment: Oxhill


Feoffment from Francis Moores of Oxhill, co. Warw., yeoman, Daniel Smarte of Oxhill, clerk, John Blackford of Oxhill, yeoman and John Moores of Old Stratford, innholder, to Matthew Clarke of Oxhill, gent., for £120, of a yard land of arable, meadow and pasture in the fields of Oxhill, charged with the rents etc. due to the chief lord of the fee, with an annuity of 20s. 8d. to the heirs and assigns of Matthew Wallweyne, gent., and with an annuity of £3 6s.8d to Elizabeth Smarte, wife of the said Daniel Smarte, for life in lieu of dower. Witnesses: John Brent, Anthony Bishop, Edward Eden and John Clare.