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Declaration of uses of a Recovery: Oxhill


Declaration of uses on a Recovery in Trinity Term 1626 by John Brent of Over Pillarton, gent., and Anthony Bishopp of Oxhill, gent., against Daniel Smarte of Oxhill, clerk, John Blackeford of Oxhill, yeoman, and John Moores of Old Stratford, innholder, of a messuage, garden, 26 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow, 5 acres of pasture, and common of pasture in the town and fields of Oxhulfe alias Oxhill, viz. that the said recovery, as regards the yard land of arable, meadow and pasture in the fields of Oxhill, be to the use of Matthew Clarke of Oxhill, gent., for £120 paid by him to Francis Moores of Oxhill, yeoman, and, as regards the messuage and closes in the town of Oxhill, to the use of the said Francis Moores. Dated 21 December 2 Charles I [1626]. Witnesses: William Brent and John Mores.