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Release: Sheep Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


Release from Samuel Morris of Clifford Chambers, yeoman, surviving feoffee named in an indenture of 29 August 1758 (ER3/1982-1983) to Lister Dighton of Clifford Chambers, esq., the Reverend Arthur Annesley of Chilcompton, co. Somerset, clerk, Rector of Clifford Chambers and Richard Sylvester and Thomas Spiers of Clifford Chambers, yeomen, of two messuages in Sheep Street, with adjacent ground behind the same, containing in length fifty yards from the front etc. (being the property described as having been conveyed to the feoffees of Clifford Chambers by Francis Gastrell by indentures of 28 and 29 August 1758, ER3/1982-1983). Witnesses: Robert Hobbs and Henry Wyatt.

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