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Mortgage: Broadway


Mortgage from John Priest of St. Annes Street, Westminster, gent. (son and heir of John Priest, late of Broadway gent., deceased) to Anne Priest of Broadway, widow (mother of the said John Priest part thereto) in consideration that Anne Priest had at the request of hime, the said John, mortgaged her dwelling house to William Stephens of Broadway, gent. for £14 (see ER3/2758), (which sum was the debt of the said John Priest) of the dwelling house of the said Anne in Broadway referred to in ER3/2758, together with the close also referred to in ER3/2758, subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of the said £14 to William Stephens. Witnesses: Anthony Dickins and Mary Stephens (by her mark). See also ER3/2760.

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