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Assignment of Mortgage: Honington, Talton, Alderminister, Armscote, Tredington, Newbold-on-Stour, Cookham and London


Indenture of Assignment of Mortgage between the Right Honourable Algernon Earl of Mountrath, Orlando Bridgeman of Blodwell, co. Salop., esq., and Sir Hugh Briggs of Houghton, co. Salop., Bart., (three acting executors of the will of the Right Honourable Mary Countess of Bradford) of the one part, and Mark Thurston, esq., Accountant General of the Court of Chancery of the other part (reciting ER3/2010, ER3/2013 and that £20,000 of the principal mortgage sum of £27,950 was the property of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl Bradford, a lunatic, to whom the said Countess was guardian and reciting the death of the said Countess, whereupon the whole of the said mortgage upon premises at Honington and elsewhere described in ER3/2010, for £27,950 descended to the said Thomas Earl Bradford, a lunatic, only son and heir of the said Countess and reciting an order of the Court of Chancery) whereby it was witnessed that, in pursuance of the said order, the said executors of the said Countess, persons of the first part, assigned and transferred all their interest in the mortgage described in ER3/2010 and a further mortgage recited in ER3/2013, to Mark Thurston. Witnesses: Hutton Perkins, Thomas Heaton, --- Roberts and Henry Navell.

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