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Assignment of Mortgage: Halford


Assignment from Thomas Rawlins of Stratford-upon-Avon, esq., to Richard Davis of Whatcote, yeoman, in trust for Philip Gardner of Nether Brailes, yeoman, with the consent of Edward Crofts of Tredington, gent., and Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, gent., executors of the will of William Baldwin late of Nether Ettington, gent., deceased (reciting nos. ER3/2257-8 and that William Baldwin by his will appointed the said Edward Crofts and Arthur Rowney his executors and died about November 1668) of the mortgage in the premises described in ER3/2257, except the property in Honington. Witnesses: Richard Drayton, Ham Godwin, George Enock and Richard Spicer. Endorsement, dated 22 May 1678, being a memorandum that Richard Davis, with the consent of Philip Gardner, had assigned to Edmund Mason of Halford, gent., and John Rowney of Ilmington, gent., the above described mortgage, by the appointment of Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, gent., in trust for him, Arthur Rowney and his heirs, he having purchased the freehold of the mortgaged hereditaments (see ER3/2285-2286). Witnesses: Richard Knibb, William Stratford, George Trenchard and Robert Osborne.

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