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Lease and Release: Halford


Conveyance by Lease and Release from Philip Gardner of Halford, gent., and Mary his wife, Richard Kilby of Souldern, co. Oxon., gent., Ambrose Holbech of Mollington, co. Oxon., gent., and Thomas Buller of Stoke in the city of Coventry, gent., (son and heir of Thomas Buller of Halford, gent., deceased) to Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, gent., for £1105 of the premises described in ER3/2264-2265. Covenant to levy a fine upon the said premises to the said Arthur Rowney in which Nicholas Rowney, citizen and winecooper of London, and William Croft of Nether Ettington, gent., should be demandants, and Arthur Rowney deforciant; and covenant that the grantors had not encumbered except for mortgages set out in a schedule thereto. Witnesses: Richard Knibb, William Stratford, George Trenchard, Robert Osborne, William Halford, Richard Davies, Thomas Rose, William Hickes, James Nicholson and Jeremiah Hall.

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    21 May 1678-22 May 1678

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