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Grant of Land: Halford


Settlement made between Richard Buller of Halford, yeoman, of the one part and Richard Hawll of Idlicote, gent., and Richard Gybbs of Honington, gent., of the other part, whereby Richard Buller granted to Richard Hawll and Richard Gybbs all his messuages, houses, seven yard lands and other premises in the common fields of Halford, then in possession of Richard Buller, John Rooke and Thomas Tasker, to the use of Richard Buller and Mary his wife during their lives and the life of the survivor of them, with remainder to the use of the heirs male of the said Richard Buller by Mary his wife, and with remainder, in default of such issue, to the use of the heirs female of the said Richard Buller by Mary his said wife. Memorandum of delivery of seisin in the presence of Anthony Gybbs, A. Ingram, Edward Bentley, Stephen Hawford, Thomas Rose and Thomas Ashworth. Memorandum endorsed: 'John Rooke, tenant of a third part the right of Anne his wife, mother to Richard Buller, is contented that the said third part after his wife's decease, shall go and be according to the purport of this deed, which assent was given in the presence of Anth. Gybbs, Thomas Callowe and John Haines, clerk.'