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Declaration of the Uses of a Fine: Halford


Declaration of the uses of a Fine between Thomas Halford of Halford, yeoman, and Dorothy his wife, of the one part, and Edward Townsend of Alveston, gent., and Elias Webb of Sherborne, gent., of the other part, whereby for the purpose of settling premises therein mentioned it was covenanted that Thomas Halford and Dorothy his wife would levy a fine to Edward Townsend and Elias Webb upon a cottage in Halford, late in the possession of Jonathan Shepherd and William Higgins and then in possession of Thomas Halford; a parcel of enclosed land called Upper Close containing one and a half acres adjoining the said cottage, also in the possession of Thomas Halford; and one yard land lying dispersed in the common fields of Halford more particularly described in a schedule thereto; which fine should enure to the use of Edward Townsend and Elias Webb for 99 years in trust for the said Thomas Halford and his heirs. Witnesses: Thomas Farr and Nathaniel Mason.