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Appointment of Tenant: Willington (Warwickshire) and Brailes


Appointment by Hugh Capell of Coventry, mercer, of Thomas Marriott of Cliffords Inn, gent., as tenant in a recovery of a messuage with courtyards and a close adjoining called Broad Close and three yard land enjoyed with the said messuage containing fifty four acres, in Over Brailes and in the occupation of Hugh Capell; also common of pasture for eighteen sheep, twelve cows and six horses to the said three yard land belonging, which premises Francis Capell, deceased, father of the said Hugh Capell, purchased of John Crispe; also eight acres lying in Lower and Over Brailes, together with common of pasture for eight sheep, one cow and one horse thereto belonging, which said eight acres were in the occupation of the said Hugh Capell and were then recently purchased by him of John and Richard Herbert and William Cockbill; also a piece of pasture called Hobbs Hole containing twenty acres in Willington and also all other the hereditaments of him Hugh Capell in Brailes. Witnesses: Thomas Baldwin and William Freeman.