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Marriage Settlement: Barnacle?


Settlement dated 2 January 1639/40 (Old style) [1640], on the Marriage of Richard Overton, one of the sons of Thomas Overton of Barnacle, yeoman, and Margaret, daughter of John Sharp of Shareston, co. Leics., being an agreement between Thomas and Richard Overton and William Byddle and Nicholas Sharp of Snareston, yeoman, that the former would stand seised of a messuage formerly in the occupation of William Hall but now of Richard Overton, a close to the said messuage belonging then used by Thomas and Richard Overton, a croft abutting on to the land near the said messuage in the tenure of Thomas and Richard Overton, one yard land with appurtenances in the tenure of Thomas and Richard Overton and a half moiety of one other yard land in the tenure of Richard Smyth and Robert Loe; as to the said premises (except the said half moiety of one yard land) to the use of Richard Overton and Margaret his wife and their heirs and as to the said moiety of one yard land, to the use of Richard Smyth for life with remainders over as before.