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Grant of land: Clopton


Grant from Walter de Kokefeld, called Marshal, lord of Cloptone, to James de Cloptone of a virgate of land with all edifices, meadows and pastures in Grava formerly held by Thomas son of Adam, a croft called Blindecroft, also in Grava, a half-virgate called Hemerieslond, a half-acre of meadow which lies in Sahotredes Mede between the grantor's meadow on one side and the meadow of the lord of Bischopesdon on the other side, and common for 4 beasts in his pasture, excepting all his own Grava and the third part which formerly belonged to Amabilia mother of the said James and was held by Johanna his sister, to hold at a yearly rent of 1/2d, in exchange for all the land and messuage in Grava formerly held by the same Johanna, and except all my gardens and inclosures around my court of Clopton. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Val, Knt., William Purcel, Philip de Hulle, Thomas Bronman and Robert de Sitenham. Undated.