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Abstract of Title: Shottery, Old Stratford


Abstract of title to a tenement and land at Shottery in the parish of Old Stratford, commencing with a conveyance dated 19 January 1652 from Avery Jakeman of Binton, yeoman, and Richard Jakeman of the same, yeoman, to William Smart of Luddington, yeoman, and ending with an indenture dated 2 May 1729 between John Smart of Clifford Chambers, gent., William Smart of the borough of Winchcombe, apothecary, Mary Nichols, their mother, late widow of John Smart the elder and John Hobbins of Barford, gent., of the first part, Anne Tinson and others of the second part and John Cotterill of Shottery, gent., of the third part.