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Disentailing Assurance: Willington (Warwickshire) and Brailes


Disentailing assurance between Hugh Capell of Coventry, mercer, of the first part, Thomas Marriott of Clifford's Inn, London, gent., of the second part and John Cater of London, silkman of the third part, whereby for the purpose of barring all estates tail in premises thereafter mentioned it was covenanted that Thomas Marriott should at the cost of Hugh Capell suffer John Cater to levy a fine against him, Thomas Marriott, of a messuage with appurtenances, a close called Broad Close and three yard lands to the said messuage belonging, containing fifty four acres in Brailes in the occupation of Hugh Capell (which premises were theretofore purchased by Francis Capell, deceased, father of the said Hugh Capell, of John Crispe); also of eight acres in Lower and Over Brailes then in the occupation of Hugh Capell, together with common of pasture for eight sheep and one horse to the said eight acres belonging (then recently purchased by Hugh Capell of John and Richard Herbert and William Cockbill); also land called Hobbs Hole containing twenty acres in the parish of Willington, then in the occupation of Hugh Capell; also all other the hereditaments of Hugh Capell in Lower and Over Brailes and Willington, by name of one messuage, sixty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, twenty eight acres of pasture with common of pasture for eighty six sheep, thirteen cows and seven horses in Over Brailes and Willington; such fine to enure to the use of Hugh Capell and his heirs for ever. Witnesses: William Swift, junior and Nousse Lewis.