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Grant of land: Clopton


Know present and future that I Peter de Montefort have given granted etc. to James de Clopton all the Manor of Clopton with the Grove and with all other appurtenances and liberties excepting a certain messuage and 8 1/2 virgates of land and 105 acres of land and 7 acres of meadow, that is to say that messuage which Thomas the son of Adam sometime held and those 8 1/2 virgates of land which Stephen de la Grave, John Parsun, Richard de la Grave, Eustace de la Grave, John Hillary, William Hillary, Roger Witekin, Thomas son of Julian, John de Bissopesdon, formerly my natives, and Walter son of Robert de Clopton with their own lands held, which certain messuage, 8 1/2 virgates of land, 105 acres of land, and 7 acres of meadow, I previously gave to Isabel de Norton and Eadmund de Midilton her son together with the aforesaid natives and all their chattells and with all their sequels, and except a certain place in the Grove which lies between the messuage which Nicholas de la Grave formerly held and the part of the Grove which fell to the lady in dower, and except pasture for 10 oxen and cows and 2 plough horses (affros) which I have before granted to the aforesaid Isabel and Eadmund throughout all my demesne formerly in Clopton, garden excepted. To have and to hold etc. paying therefor annually to me and my heirs 10 shillings of silver for every service except foreign, and saving 3 advents a year at my Court of 'Bello Deserto' and the Fortress of the same court. Witnesses: Sir William Bissopesdon, Richard de Wroxhulle, John de Curli, John de Wilmecote, Richard de Peito, Robert de Lectone, John de Clifford, William de Lee, John de Huwile, etc.