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Lease: Rhyn Clifford and Bridgetown


Lease dated 20 August 16 Elizabeth [1574], by William Childe of Pensax, co. Worc., gent., Thomas Savage of Inkeborowghe, co. Worc., yeoman and Simon Walweyne of Oxehill, gent., (Ralfe Sheldon of Beoley, co. Worc., esq., and William Clopton of Clopton, esq., being parties) to Paul Tracye of Church Stanway, co. Glouc., esq., for £500 of the manors of Rien Clifforde and Bridgetowne, with four messuages, gardens and orchards, 2000 acres of land, 200 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 1000 acres of heath and furze, free fishing in the Avon and 8d. of rent in Rien Clifford and Bridgetowne for 5 years at the rent of a rose; of which premises in the 'utas' [octave] of St. Michael, 2 Elizabeth [1560], the said William Clopton and John Skeffyngton levied a fine to William Kempson and William Botte, who thereupon granted the same to John Skeffyngton for 80 years at a yearly rent of £60 and the reversion, together with the said rent, to the said William Clopton, which lease for 80 years John Skeffyngton, on 12 September 6 Elizabeth [1564], assigned for £600 to Lodwike Grevill of Mylcot, esq., and the last named, on 20 October 10 Elizabeth [1568], assigned for £700 to the new lessors.