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Agreement to lead to the Uses of a Recovery: Ansley, Over Whitacre and Bentley in Shustoke


Agreement to lead to the uses of a Recovery between Robert Power of Ansley, yeoman, and William Sadler of Over Whitacre, gent., of the first part, John Holmeden of Lincolns Inn, London, gent., of the second part, and Thomas Miller of Over Whitacre, gent. of the third part, whereby Robert Power and William Sadler, for barring all estates tail etc., conveyed to John Holmeden a messuage called the Overfields in Ansley, in the occupation of Robert Power, a messuage with appurtenances and five closes thereto adjoining and other hereditaments in Over Whitacre, and eight selions of land containing three acres and lying in a common field called Moorfield in Over Whitacre, and a close called Parkecroft in Bentley in the parish of Shustoke containing nine acres, to the intent that John Holmeden might be tenant in a recovery to be suffered, and it was covenanted that Thomas Miller should be demandant in such action of recovery to the use, as to the leasowe called Parkecroft, of William Sadler and his heirs for ever, and, as to the residue of the property, to the use of Robert Power and his heirs for ever. Witnesses: S. Cox, Richard Smith, Robert Maidstone and Craven Popham.