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Lease and Release: Honington?


Indentures of Lease and Release between Gore Townsend of Honington Hall (only son and heir of Joseph Townsend, deceased, and tenant for life of hereditaments thereinafter mentioned by virtue of the Will of the said Joseph Townsend, dated 17 November 1758) of the first part, Thomas Townsend of Honington Hall, Lieutenant Colonel of the Warwickshire Local Militia (first son of the body of Gore Townsend and tenant in tail of the said hereditaments by virtue of the said will of Joseph Townsend, deceased) of the second part, William Waltham Atkinson of Chancery Lane of the third part, and William Atkinson of the same place of the fourth part, whereby, for the purpose of barring all estates tail in the hereditaments thereinafter described they, the said Gore Townsend and Thomas Townsend, conveyed to W. W. Atkinson hereditaments in Honington more particularly therein mentioned to the use that he should be tenant in an action for recovery of the said hereditaments to be thereafter suffered; and it was agreed between the parties that William Atkinson should be demandant in such action and Gore Townsend and Thomas Townsend vouchees; such recovery to enure to the use of such persons as the said Gore and Thomas Townsend should appoint, with remainder to Gore Townsend for life and then to Thomas Townsend and his heirs for ever. Witnesses: Thomas Beverley and James Mackarell, clerks to Mr. Atkinson.