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Resettlement: Priory Road, Pinfold Lane, Unicorn Lane, Bridge End, Warwick, and Whitnash


Indenture of Resettlement dated 1 March 1696/7 (Old style) [1697], made between Thomas Griffin of Warwick, gent., and Sarah his wife of the first part, Daniel Eyres of Radford Semele, gent., and Hannah Eyres, spinster (sister of the said Daniel) both of Warwick, of the second part, and Richard Briscoe of Warwick, lace weaver, and Thomas Pratt of Lutterworth, co. Leics., gent., of the third part, whereby for the purpose of barring all annuities which the said Sarah had in premises thereafter mentioned and for making recompense to her by a settlement upon her for her life, it was covenanted and granted that Thomas Griffin and Sara his wife, Daniel Eyres and Hannah Eyres should before Trinity Term then next, levy a fine to Richard Briscoe and Thomas Pratt of one messuage, orchard, garden and close called the Homeclose in the parish of St. Nicholas, Warwick, near Dog Lane [Priory Road] on the backside of an inn there called The Unicorn situate at the nether end of Smith Street (described), a parcel of land, part of Pinfold Close near to Pinfold Lane in the same parish (described), a messuage formerly four cottages in Coten End with gardens and a close called The Shoulder of Mutton Close near Unicorn Lane (described), a barn with a home close belonging called Halyes in Coten End; three other closes called the Lowes, lying together in part of the common fields of Coten and Hardwick in the said parish, called Gipley Quarter; two acres in St. Nicholas' Meadow (described); three acres of pasture in the common fields of Coten and Hardwick called the Quarry (described); thirty five acres lying dispersed in the common fields of Coten and Hardwick; a messuage in Gallows Street [Bridge End] in the same parish and a croft thereto adjoining; another croft, being part of Myton Close (described); thirty acres in a common field called Bridgend Field, and a messuage with close thereto adjoining in Whitnash, with one yard land in the common field of Whitnash in Mill Quarter called Priestes Piece; to enure, as to the messuage near Dog Lane and the land in Pinfold Close, to the use of Mary Taunton for life with remainder to Richard Briscoe and his heirs for ever; and as to and concerning the thirty five acres, the messuage in Gallows Street, the two crofts and thirty acres of ground in the occupation of John Russell, to the use of Mary Taunton for life, with remainder to Thomas Griffin and his heirs; and, as to and concerning the messuage and close called The Shoulder of Mutton Close, the barn and close called Halyes, the closes called the Lowes and the Quarry, to the use of Thomas Griffin for life, with remainder to the use of Mary his wife, and the right heirs of Thomas Griffin; and as to the premises in Whitnash to the use of Hanna Townsend, widow and mother of Daniel Eyres for her life, with remainder to the use of Elizabeth Eyres (wife of Daniel Eyres) and the heirs of the body of Elizabeth and Daniel Eyres. Witnesses: Edward Willes, senior, and Robert Fullwood.