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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Walter Bacun with the consent of Joan his wife to William brother of Matilda de Aula of a curtilage which John son of Stephen le Truggere formerly held and which lies in Covintr' in the street leading towards the mill of Hulle on the side of the Prior between the land which Henry Dru formerly held on the east and the land which Robert de Feugers formerly held on the west; to hold the same of the said Walter rendering annually 12 pence of silver; and for this the said William quitclaims to the said Walter certain land next the garden of the said Walter which formerly belonged to Gunnild' daughter of Guy Smith (fabri). Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore) bailiff, Robert de Chilton', Alexander de Ruiton', William Toli, Robert de Lond', John Ingeram, John White (Albo), Roger the Miller (molendinario), William Kelle, Thomas Clerk and others. Seal lost: tag a portion of an earlier document. Endorsed: i) Carta terre iacentis in vico fontis versus molendinum Hulle quam Willelmus frater Matilde de Aula ii) xii supd;. redditus [AG]