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Coventry deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from William de Stiveschale with the consent of Matilda his wife to Roger le Burser, merchant, of Coventr' of all his land in Over Park Street (in superiori vico paroi) namely that land which lies between the land which William le Moyden formerly held and the land which Henry le Mouner held, and that land which lies between the land which Richard son of Swain formerly held and the land which Richard le Harper' formerly held; to hold the same for a term of 50 years from the feast of St. John the Baptist in the 53rd year of Henry III, rendering annually 2 shillings of silver to the chief lord of the fee for the first mentioned piece of land, 8 pence to the heirs of Adam Hawen' for the second, and to the said William a pair of gloves of the value of one halfpenny for each of the two pieces of land, and for this the said Roger gives 3 marks. Witnesses: Richard de Blokerwill', bailiff on the part of the Earl, Thomas de Fakenham, Richard de Finham, Thomas de Barsam, Augustus Godescop, Nicholas Mayden, Alexander Prest, William Peissable and many others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, green. A fleur de lys. Legend: AVE MA[RIA GRAT]LA PLENA Endorsed: i) Warr' Stivesch' ii) Family tree iii) Two shillinges chief in Coventry in y supe; Over Park street viii supd;. [AG] iv) In superiori vico parci viii supd;. redditus de tenemento Henrici Over quondam Ricardi Marler [AG]