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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Hugh Earl of Chester to Liulf de Brinchalauo and his heirs of all his lands and tenure within the town of Covintre and outside it, which Earl Ranulf father of the said Earl Hugh granted to him and by his charter confirmed, namely the whole of his burgage in houses and dwelling places (mansura) within the town and without it: and for the increase of his fee, the vill of Bisseleia [Bisseley in Coventry, now lost] with the mill there and appurtenances and all other hereditaments which he the said Liulf held there in the time of his said father; to hold the same to the said Liulf in free burgage paying annually half a mark of silver for all services due, with sac and soc toll and team and `infanganfel' and other liberties. Witnesses: Ranulf the sheriff, Roger the chaplain, Roger de Bealcampo, Ivo son of Haschat', Hugh son of Haschat', William de Binvilla, William son of Nigel prior of Covintre, Ralph the chaplain, Nigel, William son of Roger de Aula, William de Wigornia, Robert de Stoca, Robert de Baru, Haschat de Lundoniis and many others at Covintre. Seal on tongue: white, broken, and defaced. Tie below. Endorsed: i) `Covintre cum saca et soca et infangthief in Covintr et extra, (videlicet Stoke Bisseley Keresley Shortly). Langley (qui donum Johannis Hales et terras in Keresly)' Bracketed words added. ii) Rogerus Willelmus Durdent. Mareschalus. Robertus Mareschallus [AG]