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Combe deeds and papers


Settlement [by Baldwin archbishop of Canterbury] at the command of Pope Urban of a dispute between the monks of Cumba and the canons of Kynillewrd' concerning an annual payment from the monks to the canons: i.e. that the monks of Cumba shall henceforth provide divine service to be fitly celebrated in the church of Smita [discharging all duties to the bishop and archdeacon for that church; and concerning eight marks] to be paid annually to the said canons, [namely six marks which the monks receive] from the church of Cherletona [Charlton in Somerset] and two marks from the church of Brinkelawa, the said canons have allowed to the said monks an annual pension of [2 shillings towards the charge of lights] in the said monastery; on the condition that if the monks till any lands [out of which the chapel of Brinklow were wont to receive tithes] before this agreement, then they should continue to pay the said tithes except if the ground were newly [broke up or was woodland reduced to] tillage and except [gardens] and virgates within the precincts of the grange of the monks, and what should arise from the keeping of cattle. Witnesses: Gilbert bishop of Rochester, Ralph dean of London, Master ---, Master Hugh of London, Master Ralph of St. Ma---, Richard de Umframvill', John de Exon', chancellor of the archbishop, --- Jordan canon of Warewio, Geoffrey Forti, Master Robert de --- and others. Two seals and a tag missing. Endorsed: i) composicio inter nos et domum de Kenlwrth super eclesiam de Smita [contemp] ii) Capella de Brinkelawe [AG]