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Brinklow deeds and papers


Covenant between John abbot of the house and church of Our Lady of Cumbe and the convent of the same place of the one part and John Parkes clerk, parson of the church of Bry[n]klowe, Dom Thomas Ardern' priest, John Maynard the elder, Thomas Motton', Richard Neucombe, William Mors, Thomas Dawson', Robert Parse, John Bruer, Richard Gode, Richard Furnesse, William Wygth', Richard Partriche, Henry Partriche, John Partriche, Richard Cricheley, William Parse, Thomas Howe, John Neucombe and Ralph Stone, freeholders in the township of Brynklow of the other part; whereby, after reciting that the said freeholders have a right to pasture their cattle in the wood of Bourtley at all times of the year, it is agreed that the said abbot and convent might enclose and make a `copie' of all that part of the wood next their grange from the feast of St. Michael the Archangel then next ensuing for a term of five years free from all right of common, etc.; and in recompense the said abbot and convent grant to the said freeholders a several pasture of theirs called Monkerydyng [from the time the crop] be carried away to the time it be sown again and such times as it lay fallow, saving to the said freeholders all rights of common enjoyed with the said abbot and convent and saving to the said abbot and convent the right of entry into Monkeryding `to cary muke or to set his folde ther for mukkyng of their pasture' and the said abbot and convent further grant that the said freeholders might put --- horses only in a ground of theirs called the Parke next to the Fryth' at all times of the year during the said term in further recompense for the said enclosure. Dated: --- February, 16 Henry VII. Originally seven tags, nos. 1, 5-7 remaining. The first bears two red seals, one with the letter b; the fifth bears three red seals, one with the letter a; and nos, 6 and 7 have no seals. The tags are fragments of an earlier document.