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Brinklow deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance from Arthur Gregory of Stivichall esq. son and heir of Arthur Gregory late of the same, esq. deceased, by Prudence his late wife, also deceased, to Edward Inge of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middx. gent., of property in Brinklow, Kingshill, Stoneleigh and Coventry described in nos. DR10/156 and DR10/157 with the following changes in the tenancies; in Brinklow, the several closes, now in the tenure of --- Bray widow; in Kingshill, the two closes adjoining Broom Close and Withy Pitts, now in the tenure of --- Harbourne widow, Broomhill and Little Close, now --- Harbourne widow, Alderstone meadow, now John Harris, Gregpole Close, now John Harris, the close next Finham Green, now Thomas Congreve, the several closes late Phillips, now Thomas Congreve, and the little messuage late --- Marvin, now pulled down; in Finham, the doles of the meadows, now in the tenure of Thomas Rhodes; and with the addition of the following property; a tenement in Mutchparkstreet in Coventry, heretofore in two parts divided, late in the tenures of John Oldham and Anne Cawdwell and now of Joseph Barton and John Richards; another tenement in the same street, late in the tenure of Samuel Skeers, since of Joseph Skears, and now of Major Cole; a plot of ground used as a garden adjoining the backside of the before mentioned tenement, late in the tenure of the said Joseph Barton and John Richards, and now of Thomas King; two messuages in Littleparkstreet, on the east side, late in the occupation of Charles Hayley and John Remington, and which messuage have lately been divided into several tenements and are now in the occupation of Thomas Bown, William Lowe and Francis Wood; a plot of ground lying behind the last mentioned premises, late in the tenure of John Palmer and now of John Smith; a messuage, heretofore used as two tenements, situated in Knenall, [Knell Hall] co. Staffs., late in the tenure of Sampson Cotten, with all other lands belonging to the same in the lordship of Cubblestone; to hold to the said Edward Inge to the intent that Richard Rothwell of Corley clerk, shall obtain a writ of entry into the said premises and recover the same, for the use of the said Arthur Gregory and his heirs. Signed: 169) Arthur Gregory 170) Arthur Gregory, Edward Inge, Richard Rothwell. Seals: 169) one red seal applied. 170) Three red seals applied. Witnesses: Christopher Wright, William Inge, Thomas Neale. Endorsed: 169) May 1st 1739; lease for year; Arthur Gregory esq. to Mr Inge 170) 2d May 1739; deed to make tennant to precipe for suffering common recoverye. Mr Rothwell demandant, Mr Inge, tennant, Mr Gregory 1 vouchee, 2 common vouchee. To use of Mr. Gregory and his heirs. For the recovery of the property in Coventry, see no. 449, and for the property in Knenall no. 1400.