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Coventry deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from John son and heir of Alexander de Glouc' formerly a burgess of Covintr' to Sir Nicholas de Segrave, kt., of 10 shillings annual rent in the town of Covintr' for five marks of silver, which the said Alexander father of the said John held from the said Sir Nicholas for the wheat of Ikinton [Itchington] purchased from the same, to receive the said rent quarterly from a certain tenement `in vico comitis' [Earl Street] which lies between the land which Henry de Rodinton' held and the land which Robert Carpentar' held; to hold the same for twelve years rendering annually to the said John and his heirs one red rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist and to the lord of that fee 2 shillings of silver quarterly; and if through default of the said John the said Sir Nicholas should spend any sum on the maintenance of the said tenement, then the said John will be answerable to the said Nicholas for the whole of this sum by the view of worthy men; and the said John shall be allowed to claim recompense for any damage done to the said premises by the said Nicholas. Witnesses: Richard de Bokervil', Pagan Pak', John de ---, Richer de Weston', Roger de Catisby, Richard le Fertailer and others. Dated on the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 1269. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, green. Legend: [S] IOHIS DE GLOVSETRE. Endorsed: Covyntre in comitatu Warr'