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Coventry deeds and papers


Feoffment from Julian Nethermyll' of Coventr' draper, William Segewik, William Gibbons, Guy Webbe, Richard Veisie, Thomas Hurste and Nicholas Hawkesforde to John Gibbons, Ralph Wyndon clerk, William Preiste chaplain, John Foxall, Christopher Waren', William Gibbons, Thomas Keyn, Richard Veisie, Hugh Turnor, Christopher Veisie and Bevis Bowlande, of hereditaments in the towns and fields of Coventr', Stichall' and Whittaker, which the said feoffors together with William Shukeborowe, late of Coventr' draper, John Preist of Sutton' in Colfeilde, Hugh Harman of the same and William Weston of the same deceased, had by the feoffment of Thomas Grove of Coventr' draper; to hold the said premises to the above feoffees and their heirs of the chief lord of that fee, according to the trusts contained in the will of Thomas Bradmedowe late of Coventr' draper, to be found in roll 12 of the real pleas in the court of Coventr' for 11 Henry VII. Appointment of Thomas Gregory as their attorney to deliver seisin. Dated: 20 July, 24 Henry VIII. Red seals on tag: i) a shield, bearing three beehives (?). ii) broken, bearing letter H. iii) W.G. iv) as ii. v) the letter T. vi) a laureated bust to left. vii) as v. Endorsed: i) with memorandum of delivery of seisin made in the presence of Richard Cooke, Thomas Eyre, Thomas Sadler, James Priest, Richard Turnor and many others. ii) Suttone Chauntrey land [AG]