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Legal cases - Gregory family


Notes in the hand of Arthur Gregory following the bill of complaint of the mayor and bailiffs of Coventry [no.DR10/1647]: i) summary of the bill of complaint ii) answer of Francis Tallance; that he heard that the said tenement was inserted into the will at the last moment at the suggestion of one Leaver, a clerk unlearned in the law; that his mother, after his father's death, had entered and enjoyed the said lands; that at the time of the will Bablake was not a corporate body and could not therefore accept the legacy; that the tenement was held of the crown in chief and was therefore taken into the crown's hand for two years; that during this period the said mayor and bailiffs made no claim to the said tenement though they knew the terms of his father's will, and that they allowed him to conduct a lengthy and costly case in the Court of Wards to recover the same; that he passed his interest in the same to another who claimed a paramount title. iii) answer of Arthur Gregory; that Henry VIII, being seised of the property of the abbey of Stonly, conveyed the tenement to John Waid and Thomas Gregory to hold by knight service; that before any conveyance from John Waid to Overs and Fynnys, the said tenement was lawfully assured unto others in such a way that the title of the said Tallantes in void. iv) answer of John Waid agreeing with the statement of Arthur Gregory v) depositions of John Waid: left blank vi) depositions of Arthur Gregory; that he has made no bargain with Francis and John Tallances, nor paid them any money for the said tenement, because it had been assured to others long before it came into the possession of John Tallances. A third sheet contains similar notes as in i and ii above.