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Correspondence - Gregory Family


Letter, dated at Lillington, from Elizabeth Mynne to Mr. [Arthur] Grigory, begging him to ask Mr. Ferris for Lord Vardon's [Verdon] book, which will throw light upon her title rights in Lillingeton, and if he has not got it, then to ask him to write to whoever does have it, for such is her concern, that she will send up to 100 miles for it and bind herself in 100 pounds for its safe delivery; but as she has heard from Mr. Browne of Wodlos that Mr. Ferris has it in London, she asks Arthur whether he will take her son-in-law, Mr. Hewse, to see him; and also asking Arthur's assistance in two causes: first, whether he could find, by means of the inquisition, certified in the Exchequer of Chancery, taken on the dissolution of the monastery of Killinworth, what lands in Lillingeton were found given to the said monastery or Come or Warwicke, for Mr. Cartwrit says that Lillingeton was united to the manor of Lemengeton; and secondly, whether he will speak to Mr. Osborne's clerk for Warwickshire, and persuade him, in return for an angel which she hopes her cousin Burgayn will lay out for Mr. Osborne, to delay process going out against her for Lillingeton until the end of Michaelmas term. Endorsed: To the worshipfull Artar Grigory esquyre --- of the lawe the Innar Temple geve thes [See no. 2369 and Warw. V.C.H. vi, p.162]. Arthur Gregory has used the remaining space on this sheet for a note to Mr. Orme asking him `howe Brinklow ys finished. I gave ye x sups;. for which ye undertook to fynishe hit, for as yet the sheryffe doth not repay th' issues but sayth the proces is not discharged'. Orme's reply is that the seisure for which Arthur had given him 10 shillings, is discharged and that the sheriff's demand is for another seisure of lands in Brincklowe which followed upon a recovery had by Arthur against Dawes [see no. 123].