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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of depositions taken at Allesley in reply to the interrogatories in no. DR10/1653. a) Edward Chaplein of Fillingley, gent., aged 35, deposed that he has seen letters patent by which lands in Flechamsteade were granted to John Wade and Thomas Gregorye; that he has seen a conveyance from John Wade and Thomas Gregory to Arthur Gregorye; that, whilst the deponent was steward of the said Arthur Gregory, John Tallantes came to his court at the grange at Hellinghull and acknowledged that he held Wrightes farm of Arthur Gregory by a lease for many years to come for 40 shillings annual rent. b) John Barrowe of Budby, co. Northants., husbandman, aged 80, deposed that he was a tenant at Hellinghill Grange when Mr. William Finnys took possession of the said grange and other lands in the parish of Stonley for the use of Arthur Gregorye; that Thomas Gregorye did not make the statue with the intent of harming his wife and children. c) Robert Bennett of Stivechall, aged 60, deposed that Thomas Gregory gave to Arthur Gregorye all his lands; that the statute was made in trust and he knows this because Thomas Gregorye told him on his death bed that he had given all his lands to Arthur, and that the deponent was asked to ensure that the said Arthur treated his brothers fairly; and that he was present in court when John Tallantes acknowledged that he held the said farm of the said Mr. Gregorye. d) John Nicolls of Stivechall, husbandman, aged 60, deposed that Thomas Gregory gave his lands to Arthur Gregory; that he was present in court when John Tallantes acknowledged that he held the farm at Flechamsteed of Arthur Gregory at an annual rent of 40 shillings; that the statute was made by Thomas Gregory for his own use and that Edmund Gregory had treated his brother unfairly. e) Edward Whorewood of Stivechall, labourer, aged 40, deposed as John Nicolls adding that a suit was commenced against Mathew Hulme, during which the deponent was employed to serve the sub poena, long before the statute was extended. Dated: 18 January, 37 Elizabeth Endorsed: depositions agenst Edmund Gregorys extent, also for Wrightes at Flechamsted. [AG]

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For the answers concerning the statute merchant, see the case Gregory v. Gregory, nos. DR10/1600 ff.