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Settlement of contentions and controversies between the Abbot and Convent of Cumbe and the freemen of Brinklow


Settlement of all contentions and controversies between the Abbot and Convent of Cumbe on the one part and the free men of Brinkelowe namely:- John the Chaplain, Gilbert de Wauere, Hugh son of Henry Sachel, Adam son of Jordan, John son of Adam, John Sutor', William Eadward Henry Atte Chirchende, William Burges, William King, Edward Burges, William Paris, John de Hesehull, Richard Panci, Jordan de Ardern', John son of Ralph, Robert de Wolver, Richard Carter, (Carectarius), Henry Sachel, Richard de Fosse, Robert Smith (Faber), John son of ---, Hugh Coleman, Richard King, Jordan de Ardern' `Le Jouene', Ralph son of Jordan, John Norman, Robert de Sireford', Adam son of Felicia, Roger Carter (Carectarius), John Bering, Hugh King, John son of Hereburg, Robert Partrich', William son of Henry Townsend (ad finem ville), William de Lalleford, Thomas Edward, Roger le Mercer, John Auncel, Alic' son of John le Carpenter, William de Merton', John son of William Cook (Cocus), Roger son of William, William son of Ruffe, William son of Adam, Jordan Marmiun, Mathew son of Jordan Adam Blench, Henry le Clerke, William son of Robert Smith (Faber), William son of Henry, Jordan son of Auice, Richard Coche, Hugh Newecomen, Philip Burges, Richard Attebare, Ralph Burges, William Pediver, Robert Attemulle, John son of Henry Attemulle, William le Faukon' and Jordan son of Robert de Fevere of the other part in such a manner that the Abbot and Convent will common with the said men of Brinkel' in their assarts with all their cattle in La Wodegrange from Michaelmas to Lady Day and the said men of Brinkelowe will common with the aforesaid Abbot and Convent with their cattle in the assart of the Abbot and Convent for the same period and in outer Bortleya and the Heath which is next Bortleya and in the meadow below the Abbey even as formerly they were wont. In the assart however, of the aforesaid Abbot and Convent they (the men of Brinklow) will make three hedges through which at the said times the men shall enter and go out with their cattle to feed and not through the hedge which was below the wood. It is also agreed that the said men and their heirs shall have the pannage for all time, as formerly, in outer Bortleia as well for pigs over one year old as for pigs of the age of half a year at 1 penny each. Witnesses: Lord John de Verdun, Hugh de Herdeby, Robert de Verdun', Robert de Hundesacr', Thomas de Endesover, --- and many others. Dated the Day of St. Augustine the Bishop 56 Henry III. Seals: all of green wax. i) A pointed oval. A talbot. Legend: S'GILBERTI DE BRINKELOVE ii) A pointed oval. A fleur de lys. Legend: SIGILL' IOHAN--- iii) Circular. A fleur de lys. Legend: S' H'NRICI [FIL] HVCON[IS] iv) A pointed oval. A fleur de lys. Legend: S' ADE---LLISSONE v) Circular. A fleur de lys. Legend: S' IOHIS FIL ROGERI vi) A pointed oval. A fleur de lys. Legend: S' RICARDI FIL WALTERI vii) Circular. A star of eight points. Legend: S' WILL'I EADWARD viii) A pointed oval. A fleur de lys, broken. Legend: indecipherable. ix) A pointed oval. A star ornament, broken, Legend: S' [--- BUR]GEISE (detached). 50 other tags are without seals except two which bear fragments of green wax.

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    [28/08/1272], day of St Augustine the Bishop 56 Henry III

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