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Coventry deeds and papers


Charter of G[erard de Pucella] bishop of Coventry to the monks of the priory of Coventry taking them under his protection and confirming to them the land on which their church was founded together with the chapels pertaining to the same, the chapels of Holy Trinity and Holy Cross situated within the churchyard, and the chapel of St. Nicholas, and the chapel of St. John with the hospital, the chapels of Wilenhala [Willenhall] and Cornleia [Corley], belonging to the said monastery and the chapel of St. Michael in the fee of the Earl of Chester which Ranulph Earl of Chester acknowledged to be the right of the church of Coventry and confirmed by his charter, and with all parochial rights in tithes and oblations pertaining to the chapels of Anesti [Ansty], Sulft' [Shilton], Wicha [Wyken], Witeleia [Whitley], Pinel' [Pinley], Stoch' [Stoke], Bilneia [Binley], Stiveschale [Stivichall], Ecclesal' [Exhall], Folchesal' [Foleshill], Kareslea [Keresley], Watburlea [Whoberley], Spanne [Spon End], Bissel' [Bisseley], and the chapel of St. Mary in the churchyard at Coventry, all which were confirmed by charters of the said Earl of Chester and R[ichard] bishop of Coventry; also the chapel of Allespad' [Alspath] which the said monks acquired from Ivo [of Alspath], and the church of Rutuna [Ryton on Dunsmore] with the chapel of Bubbenul [Bubberhall]; also a certain grove on Dunnesmora [Dunsmore] called Stude and the church erected there by gift of Roger Heirun; also the wood of Pacwda [Packwood] with the church erected there; with the further confirmation that all the tithes of the manors belonging to the monastery together with the tithe of Hedcota should be devoted to the relief of the poor; and licensing the prior and convent to nominate a priest to celebrate divine service in the chapel of Holy Trinity. No body was to be buried in the churchyards of Anesti, Sulft', Wica and Alleslea [Allesley], which had been dedicated during the civil war for the refuge of the poor at the request of Ranulph Earl of Chester and Thurstan Banaster, and by allowance of Richard the bishop and his chapter, but all bodies with the usual benefits were to be borne to the mother church of Coventry, according to the charters of bishop Roger [de Clinton], the Earl of Chester and Thurstan Banaster. Those persons dying within the bishopric who chose to be buried at Coventry should be buried there without hindrance, and any devises which they might make should be allowed to the monastery saving the parochial rights of the churches whence they came. Witnesses; Master Adam, Master Roger, Master Geoffrey de Lenton; Albinus canon of Derbi, Rodbert monk of Canterbury, Master Thomas, Ralph steward (senescald'), Adam butler (pincerna), Robert, Ivo and Roger dependents of the lord Bishop, Roger chamberlain (camerario) and others. Seal on cord of woven silk: oval, green. 3 times; 1 3/4; ins. Obverse, figure of Bishop granting benediction. Legend: SI ... VENTRENSIS EPISCOPI. Reverse, seated figure. Legend: in Roman letters + MAGISTER GERARDVS PVCELLA. Endorsed: i) Confirmatio G[erardi] Coventr' Episcopi necessaria in quibusdam articulis. ii) Corley. capella Allispath, Styvyshale, capellae. Capella sancti Michaelis [AG] iii) H. II iv) Gerardus cognomenatus Purcella obiit anno domini mill. C.lxxxii, xix kalendas Aprilis [AG]