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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Lady Margery de Nerebun', lady of Stivechal', widow, to the prior and canons of St. Sepulc' de Warwic' of three half virgates of land in Stivechal' with appurtenances and easements in all places both within and without the vill, together with the capital messuage of Stivechal' and the demesne belonging to the same; also a curtilage lying outside the gate and the meadow adjoining the said curtilage, and a croft lying between the road from Halesleye and the high street of Covintr'; to hold of the said Margery from the feast of St. Michaelmas, 33 Henry III for a term of 30 years, quit from all secular services and suit of court except two parts of the forensic service, so that each year at harvest time the said Margery is to have each third sheaf from the said demesne and three half virgates as payment from the said prior and canons, with no charge for ploughing, sowing, reaping or binding; with the further lease of a third part of the demesne pasture and common pasture for 200 sheep, 20 pigs and as many other animals as the common pasture can reasonably [support]; and should Margery remove any animals of the said prior and canons, then they are to be returned and the loss caused by their removal to be made good before any of the produce from the said lands may be removed, according to the judgment of worthy men and the oaths of the servants present at the time; and the said Margery shall not mortgage or alienate any of the said lands, unless the said prior and canons should wish to sell the same or lease it for a longer term; and should the said prior and canons build any buildings there they shall be permitted to remove them at the end of the term, or else the said Margery, according to the judgment of worthy men, shall reimburse the whole cost; and the said prior and canons to maintain the existing buildings in their present state until the end of the said term unless a fire should break out proved to be caused by outsiders; and the said prior and canons should cultivate the said lands carefully and return the orchards of the said Margery to her at the end of the said term without them having suffered damage. Witnesses: Robert de Wauton', ?Jemes Sprigunel, Hugh de Muton', Robert Feuger de Coventr', Nicholas son of Richard, Simon de Lesscestr', Alan de Morcot', Philip le Norisun, Henry Ive, clerk, and others. Dated: Michaelmas, 33 Henry son of John Seal on tag; circular, green. A fleur de lis. Legend: S' MARGARIE DE NEREBON. Endorsed: i) Stessall' ii) Anno xxxiij Regis Henrici iij. [AG] iii) Styvechale; capitale mansum cum Dominico; tentum per servitium militis de Episcopo vide inquisicionem [AG]

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Deficiencies (shown in square brackets) supplied from Greg. Cart. ( DR10/1409, f.32v).