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Brookhampton, Kington and Butlers Marston, Warwickshire


Lease and release, the release a conveyance from John Dalby of Brookhampton co. Warwick gent., son and heir of John Dalby late of Ratcliffe co. Middx. gent. deceased, and Richard Dalby his brother to Ambrose Holbeche of Mollington co. Warwick gent. in consideration of £1000 paid to John and Richard Dalby and £1000 paid to Dalby Thomas and John Thomas gents. by direction of John Dalby, of lands and tenements in Brookhampton and Kington described as follows viz. the manor or reputed manor of Brookhampton, the messuage or manorhouse of Brookhampton, 1 1/2 yardland of meadow and pasture containing 41 acres and one watermill adjoining. and one close of pasture called Kingsham of 3 acres in Butlers Marston, co. Warwick, all formerly in the possession of John Basse and then of Richard Basse. With warranty against all claims including those of John Dalby deceased and Richard Dalby deceased, great-uncle of John, the estate being free of all incumbrances except those mentioned in the schedule. Dated 11-12 December 28 Charles II, 1676. Signed: John Dalby, Richard Dalby. Release, seals and one tag gone. Lease has two papered seals on tags. Witnesses: Ric: Stevens, Chambers Slaughter, Wm. Hickes, Wm. Stratford, John Vicary. With schedule attached, reciting a recognizance or statue staple dated 4 June 1658 from John Dalby deceased to William Thomas in the sum of £1000, which came to the said Dalby Thomas and John Thomas as executors. Solicitors' endorsements.