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Bargain and sale (by way of further assurance) from Philip Viscount Wenman of Tuam in the kingdom of Ireland and Sir Francis Wenman of Caswell co. Oxon. kt. and bart. to Sir Grevill Verney of Compton Verney K.B., Richard Verney of Alexstone co. Leics. esq. and William Bradshawe of Kingstone co. Warwick gent. (the two last named being persons nominated in trust for Sir Grevill Verney) for £8669. 5s. of the manor of Lighthorne, the capital messuage or mansion house and lands enjoyed therewith then in the several tenures of John Bradshawe and Leonard Jeacocke, and messuages, cottages and lands in Lighthorne in the occupation of the various tenants mentioned in nos. 27-28. Signed: Phi: Wenman, F: Wenman Seals on tags, one gone, one broken. Witnesses: Archibalde Erskin, John Radford, Nath: Purefoy, Am: Holbech, Chr. Canner Edw: Drope, Tho. Smith. English. Parchment, 27 x 21 in. Endorsed with memorandum of enrolment, 4 February 1667/8 With appointment of Leonard Jeacocke and John Bradshawe both of Lighthorne gents. as attornies to deliver seisin. Signed: Phi: Wenman, F: Wenman. Each document has 2 seals on tags. Witnesses: Archibalde Erskin, John Radford, Am: Holbech, Nath: Purefoy, Chr. Canner, Edw: Drope, Tho. Smith. Endorsed with memorandum of livery of seisin. Witnesses: John Harbart, Charles Barlow, Leonard Jaycocks, William Greene, George Weale, John Jaycocks, Wm. Bradshaw Jun., Am: Holbech, Leonard Jacocks, John Bradshaw Nath: Purefoy, Thomas Warwicke, William Hiorne, William Townsende, John Mainton by his mark, William Smith by his mark. John Mason, John Taylor, John Lea, Thomas Crowder by his mark, Tymothe Suffolke, Will: Mearcs. Solicitors' endorsement.