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Archer of Tanworth


Settlement on the marriage of Ann Elizabeth Archer, one of the four daughters and co-heiresses of the late Lord Andrew Archer, to Christopher Musgrave of Somerset Street, Portman Square, co. Middx., esq., being a conveyance by lease and release from Ann Elizabeth Archer to Other Earl of Plymouth, the Honourable Thomas Windsor, Joseph Musgrave and John Chardin Musgrave (as trustees) for £10,000, of the fourth part of the lands inherited from her father, (as in DR473/9-13), together with the reversion of a third part of another fourth part, expectant on the death of Henry Howard of Corby Castle, late the husband of her sister, Maria Howard, deceased; to hold in trust for Christopher Musgrave for life, and then for his heirs. (Endorsed with deeds of 4 January 1814, 2 July 1822 and 3 December 1833).