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Attested Copy of Release from Debt: Littleworth Farm, Honington


Attested Copy of Release, dated, from Bartholomew Churchill of Dedington, co. Oxon., grocer, and Margaret his wife, which Margaret was one of the five daughters of Crescens Carter the elder of Tadmarton, deceased, by Sarah his wife to Crescens Carter the younger (reciting the marriage settlement of Crescens Carter and Sarah Davidson on 17 April 1731 whereby the sum of £600 was limited to trustees in trust for the younger children of the marriage and reciting that there was issue of the marriage, one son Crescens Carter and five daughters and that the said Margaret Churchill was entitled to the sum of £120, one fifth of the said sum of £600), whereby it was witnessed that Bartholomew Churchill, having received the said sum of £120, released the said Crescens Carter of the said sum.