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Stratford Collections: Saunders Papers, Copies of conveyances relating to William Shakespeare


Copies of conveyances etc. including a) Fine from William Underhill to William Shakespeare of a messuage, two barns and two gardens in Stratford; Easter term, 29 Elizabeth [1597] (f. 54) b) Sale by William Combe and John Combe to William Shakespeare of 4 yardlands in Old Stratford, 1 May 1602 (f. 55) c) Covenant by Susan Hall and Thomas Nash and Elizabeth his wife to levy a fine to uses of New Place, premises in Henley Street, etc. in Stratford, a messuage in Blackfriars, London, etc., 27 May 1639. With other deeds as to the resettlement of Shakespeare's estates, 1643-1652 (ff. 59v, 65, 66, 70) d) Declaration in the Court of Record, William Shexpere v. Philip Rogers, for a debt for malt [1604] (f. 74) e) Letters from Abraham Sturley to Richard Quyney, 24 January, 4 November 1598 (ff. 75, 77v) f) Letter from Richard Quyney to William Shackespere, 25 October 1598. With facsimiles and notes (f.80) g) Will of John Combe, 28 January 1612/3, proved 10 November 1615 (f. 83v) h) `The noate of corne and malte' at Stratford, 4 February 1597/8 (f. 92) i) Articles between William Shackespeare and William Replingham, for compensation to the former for injuries by enclosures, 28 October 1614 (f. 95v) j) `The particler of Old Stratford, also landes of freeholders and where they lye', 1614 (f. 96v) k) Collection for `prosecutyng the bill in Parliament for the better repairs of the highwaies' etc. 11 September 1611 (f. 99) l) Bill in Chancery of Richard Lane, Thomas Greene and William Shackespeare v. Lord Carew and others, concerning Stratford tithes etc. [1612] (f. 100v) m) Conveyance by Raphe Hubande to William Shakespeare of a moiety of a lease for 92 years of Stratford tithes, etc. 24 July 1605. With bond (ff. 111, 119v) n) Surrender by Walter Getley to the use of William Shackespere of premises in Walkers Streete, al. Dead Lane, Stratford, copyhold of Rowington Manor, 28 September 1602 (f. 120v) o) Extract from rent-roll of Stratford, 16 January 1597/8, relative to Shakespeare (f. 121v) p) Letter from Adrian Quyney to his son Richard in London, with mention of Shakespeare [1598-9] (f. 122) q) Extracts from the Corporation records, including accounts, leases, views of frank-pledge, inventories, etc., chiefly relating to the Shakespeare family. With facsimiles of seals, signatures, etc. (ff. 123-196)

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