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Draft Abstract of Title: Red Hill in Binton


Draft abstract of title (1805) of William Penn of Red Hill in the parish of Binton to an estate in the parish of Feckenham, called Berrow Hill, then recently purchased from John Mascall, beginning with indentures of lease and release, dated 19 and 20 June 1805 between Thomas Hillman of the first part, William Connard of the second part, John Mascall (only child of John Mascall late of Berrow Hill, great nephew of John Hill late of the same, the brother and heir of Henry Hill, eldest son of Henry Hill) of the third part, Mary Penn of Red Hill, widow, of the fourth part, William Penn of the same, gent., of the fifth part and Robert Hobbes of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., of the sixth part, and ending with a deed poll, dated 20 June 1805, under the hand of John Mascall.