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Abstract of Title: Bishopton, Old Stratford and Aston Cantlow


Abstract of title to the Manor of Bishopton and lands in the parishes of Old Stratford and Aston Cantlow, commencing with an indenture, dated 1 January 1738, between Joshua Smith of Battersea co. Surrey, esq., of the first part, John Michell of Friday Street, London, gent., of the second part and William Hodgkin of London gent., of the third part and ending with an indenture, dated 29 July 1801, between Joshua Smith Simmons Smith of the first part, Kitty Fairchild Turner of Queens Square, co. Middx., spinster, of the second part, and Charles Hamden Turner of Limehouse, co. Middx., sailmaker, John Woolmer of Queens Square aforesaid, esq., and William Loveday of Aspley, co. Bedford, esq., of the third part.