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Gift from Henry Colemon to Henry le Cartere in free marriage of part of a burgage and lands in Brinkelowe


Gift with warranty from Henry Colemon of Brinkelowe to Henry Le Cartere of the same place and Agnes daughter (of Henry Colemon) in free marriage of one half of a burgage in the Town of Brinkelowe with a small parcel of the same burgage which Henry Morice holds, and one acre of land with its appurtenances in the fields of the same place; which half burgage lies between the tenement of the Lord of Brinkelowe and the tenement of the said Henry Colemon; and one half acre of land lies in the new assart between land of Henry Edward and land of John le Hauker'; and one rood of land lies in the old assart between the land of Henry Partrich and the land of Matilda Colemon; and two butts lie above Hongindewonge and abutting as far as Le Stoniceche between the land of Henry Partrich and the land of Richard Ody; to hold the said hereditaments to the said Henry and Agnes and the heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Henry Morice of Brinkelowe, Richard Edward, William Lekynges, Henry Paris, Richard Ody and others. Dated at Brinkelowe, Friday next after the Feast of the Holy Trinity, 19 Edward II. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: Colman et Carter' [AG]

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    [23/05/1326], Friday after the Feast of the Holy Trinity 19 Edward II

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