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Corley deeds and papers


Gift in frankalmoign with warranty from Henry Gaumbe of Cornleg' to God and the church of the Blessed Mary of Coventr', and especially to the altar of the Blessed Mary where mass is daily celebrated, of a ploughland in Cornleg' reaching in length from his capital messuage to the land of Thomas Falke lying below (subiacentem) and in width from the highway to the grove of the said Henry, together with a portion of the said grove of the ploughland lying within (cum quadam particula grove mee dicte culture intraiacente); also, below his wood, a strip of one perch, i.e. 11 feet by the measure of the feet of Henry de Clocario, reaching in length from a certain croft belonging to the said Henry to the land once held by Thomas Falke; to hold the same of the said Henry free of all services with free entrance and exit to and from the same. Witnesses: Gerard de Allespath', Philip de Wynchecumb', Robert de Chilton', Henry Pistor', Thomas de Keresleg', Roger Falke, John de Barra, Bernard de Borneston', Phillip de Ruton' and others. Seal on tag: circular, red. A fleur de lis. Legend: S'HENRI JAUMBE Endorsed: i) Carta Henrici Jaumbe [contemp] ii) Rowalde