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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard son of Richard de Wygorn' burgess of Coventr' to Gilbert de Segrave of the service and annual rent of 5 shillings due from Henry Wodemon, the service of John de Hulle and 12 pence due from him, the service of Nicholas Warin and 2 shillings due from him, the service of Walter Goldsmith (Aurifabri) and Hauisia de Senudeford and 12 pence due from them, the service of Hugh Coc and 4 shillings and two hens at Christmas, the service of Thomas le Forber and 13 pence, the service of Margery de Cropehulle and 13 pence, the service of Master Richard Vintner (Vinitarii) and 4 shillings, the service of William Locarius, and 4 shillings, the service of Walter the Tanner (le Taneor') and 2 shillings, the service of William Herbert, and 12 pence, and four hens at Christmas and the service of two men for one day in the autumn, the service of John Symont and 12 pence, the service of Robert Grondraf' and 12 pence, the service of William de Monte and 12 pence, the service of Walter de Coventr' and 12 pence; and moreover the said Richard grants to the said Gilbert a solar and a stone buttery (celarium de petra) together with the outside room of the said solar concerning which a suit has been brought in the court of the lord king between the said Richard and Stephen son of Mathew; also one shop joined to the said solar which the said Richard bought from the said Stephen, also 2s. 2d. rent of two shops of the said Richard situate between the shops of William de Aula and Nicholas Warin; to hold the same of the said Richard rendering annually to William Fundius 12 pence, to Anketil de Wikewan' 5 pence, and to Henry de Brinkelawe 8 pence; and for this the said Gilbert de Segraue releases the said Richard from a debt of 70 shillings due to Moses son of Leo, the Jew of Warewyk' and 25 marks due to Hake de Wygorn'. Witnesses: Anketill' de Wikewan', Payn Pake, Robert de Cornley, John Beyher, Philip de Winchecumb', Richard de Fonte, Robert le Feuger, Nicholas Waryn, John Symon', William Toly, Reginald Rufus, Richard de Henley and others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, green. A fleur de lys surmounted by two birds. Legend: S. RICARDI FIL' RICARDI DE WIGORNIA. Endorsed: i) de redditu in Coventr' de dono Ricardi filii Ricardi de Wygorn' in comitatu Warr' [contemp] ii) Segrave [AG] iii) Coventr ad iiii terminos [AG]