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Coventry deeds and papers


Tripartite agreement between Alice Everyngham, widow of Sir Henry Everyngham, knight, deceased, Richard Braytofte, junior, Master of the Guild of the Holy Trinity, St. John the Baptist and St. Katherine of Coventr' and the brothers and sisters of the said Guild, and John Preston warden of the church of the Friars Minor of Coventr' and the brethren of the same church, whereby, in consideration of a rent charge of 20 shillings issuing out of two messuages in Coventr' in Erlestrett, granted by the said Alice by her charter dated the 24 December, 16 Edward IV, to the said Master, etc., they the said Master, etc. agree to pay annually 10 shillings to the said warden and his successors for the performance of an obit for the souls of the said Alice and others, the said Master of the Guild and his successors taking part not only in the Placebo and Dirige but also in the Requiem Mass; and the said warden and his brethren hereby bind themselves and their successors to the said Alice and the Master of the Guild etc. that they would annually celebrate a Placebo and Dirige in the church of the said Friars minor of Coventr' and on the day after a Mass of Requiem for the souls of William Botenar and Alice his wife, William Botenar, son of the said William and Mary his wife, Humfrey Lowe and Sir Henry Everyngham, knight, late husband of the said Alice and especially for the soul of the said Alice. Dated at Coventr', 24 December, 16 Edward IV. Three tags, seals: i) lost. ii) of the Trinity Guild, red, fragment only. iii) of the warden and his brethren, red, fragment only.