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Coventry deeds and papers


Deed poll of Richard Foxhale and Richard Baron both of Coventr', drapers, feoffees of Thomas Bradmedowe late of Coventr', draper, witnessing that for the carrying out of the will of the said Thomas Bradmedowe they have granted to Richard Pratte, chaplain, and Thomas Bonde, John Haddon', John Dwall', Richard Harsale, Thomas Grove, Hugh Dawes, Richard Semynges and William Wykam, all of Coventr', drapers, a dove cote, two crofts and certain arable land in the town and fields of Birdbury [Birdingbury] two messuages in Coventr' situate in Gossefordestrete in one of which John Borhough' and in the other Richard Norfolk formerly dwelt, one other messuage in Coventr' in Smythfordstrete in which Richard Dokerey formerly dwelt, one other messuage and certain lands in Stychall' which Thomas Chapeleyn formerly held, one other croft in Coventr' next Sewall' Pavement which John Trussell' formerly occupied, another messuage in Coventr' in `vico parci minoris' [Little Park Street] in which Richard Stanwardyn' now lives, another croft lying in Swanneslane which John Hancokkes, `wyerdrawer' formerly held, another messuage in Coventr' in `vico parci minoris' [Little Park Street] between the tenement belonging to the Guild of the Holy Trinity on the north side and the tenement of Richard Lee on the other side in breadth and in length extending from the said street as far as the ditch of the Lord `de Monte Alto' in which messuage John Bredbury, sherman, now lives and an annual rent of 5 shillings issuing out of a messuage belonging to Selotes Chauntery in Greyfrerelane; to hold to uses specified in the will of Thomas Bradmedowe and set out in a schedule annexed thereto, i.e. that prayers should be said for his soul in the churches of St. Michael, Coventr' and of the Grey Friars. Two circular, red seals on tags: i) A crowned R. ii) P' (broken). Dated at Coventr': 30 July 11 Henry VII. Endorsed: i) Irrotulatur in curia domini Regis apud Coventr' inter placita realea ibidem anno regni regis Menrici septimi xii. Ro' xiii ii) A quarter of a yard land and a quarter medoe layt ye Drapers and of them purchased by Mr. Tho. Gregory [AG] iii) voluntas anno xi Ro. xii [AG]