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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Margery de Nerbon' lady of Styvechale, widow, to Margery her daughter and Rose daughter of the grantee of a certain part of her land in the vill of Styvechale with a certain messuage called le Overehallestude and half of a certain garden next to the garden of Ranulph son of the grantor; that is, the land which Matilda mother of the grantor held in dower, namely half the croft extending from the highway towards the park of Covintr' and half the croft extending from the highway towards Allesleyeweye, half of the croft extending from Allesleyeweye as far as the road leading towards the house of John de Canneleya, and half of the croft lying outside the said garden, and a certain croft which the grantor had granted (tradidi) out of charity (caritative) to the anchorite of Styvechale for the term of her life; to hold of the said grantor to the said Margery and Rose and the lawful heirs of Rose, with common pasture for their oxen in the enclosures and in all other places where the oxen of the grantor are accustomed to the right of pasture; and should the said Rose die without lawful issue, then the said property to pass to the said Margery, mother of Rose; paying annually on the octaves of St. John one rose. Witnesses: Dom Richard, then prior of Warew--, ------ de Fynham, Martin Colebront of Covintr', Hugh de Honileya, William de Canneleya, Robert his brother, [Henry] and William sons of the grantor, John de Barewe and others. Seal on tag; pointed oval, green, damaged. A fleur de lis. Legend: S'MARGARIE [DE NER]EBON. Endorsed: i) W[arwik; Stivacha]ll [14th century] ii) fre from suyt of court, note graunt of comen agenst which no improvement [AG] iii) episcopi deodum [AG] iv) Stichhalle' ------ v) Carta liberorum? tenentium ----------- videlicet Segrave Gregory [AG] vi) Overhall [AG]