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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Two deeds copied [15th c.] from ff.165, 165v of the Stoneleigh Leger Book. i) Gift from William de Heyford, abbot of Stonley, and the convent of the same, to Alexander called Vinetar' of Coventr', for 27 marks, of sixty acres of waste in Daule; to hold the same to the said Alexander, his heirs and assigns, except monks, rendering annually 5 shillings (4 terms); and should the said Alexander, by judgment of the king's court, lose any of the said waste, then some or all of the consideration money shall be returned to him and the rent modified. Witnesses: Sir John de Lodbrok, Sir Hugh de Brandeston', Sir William de Castell', Sir Thomas de Wolvey, Sir Robert de Wavere, knights, Peter le Bretun', Oliver de Aubeni, Alexander de Crulefelld, Robert de Mora, Adam Russell' of Coventr' and others. [1277-1293]. ii) Gift from John, abbot of Stonley, and the convent of the same, to Master Robert Pikerell' of Stivechale, of four acres of waste in Daule, lying between the king's way leading from Kenill' at Coventr' and the road leading from Stonley at Coventr' in length, and in breadth between the land late of Alexander le Vineter and the land of the prior of Coventr'; to hold the same to the said Robert and his heirs etc. for ever, rendering annually, during the lifetime of the said Robert, 4 pence, and after his death, 16 pence. Witnesses: Robert de Stokes, Alexander de Crulefeld, Roger de la More and others [1293-1308]. Endorsed: Mr. Essex landes called Sevenhokes in Kyngeshull in the parishof Stonly held by vi sups; iiii supd; [AG]