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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance of property in mortgage, from John Falconer of Foleshill, yeoman, nephew and heir of John Man, late of Finham in Stoneley, yeoman deceased, at the request of John Edes of Warwick and Mary Edes of Charlcott, spinster, (devisees and executors of Elianor Man, widow and executrix of the said John Man), and at the request of Humphrey Hale, now of Coventry, late of Knockanroe, co. Tipperary, son and heir of Isaac Hale, late of Knockanroe, gent. deceased, Amy Hale of Coventry, late of Knockanroe, spinster, daughter of the said Isaac Hale, and Jacob Hale, eldest son of Jacob Hale, brother of the said Isaac Hale, to Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., reciting nos. 894, 904, 905, 911 and 912, and reciting that Isaac Hale, John Man, and Elianor Man, his executrix (who devised the mortgage to John Edes and Mary Edes) had all died since the making of the recited indentures. It is now witnessed that, in consideration of 10 shillings apiece paid by the said Arthur Gregory to the said John Falconer and Jacob Hale, and for 300 pounds paid by the said Arthur to the said John Edes and Mary Edes, and for £321. 10s. 0d. paid by the said Arthur to the said Humphrey Hale and Amy Hale, the said John Falconer, John Edes, Mary Edes, Humphrey Hale, Amy Hale and Jacob Hale convey to the said Arthur Gregory a messuage, garden, orchard, croft and one yardland; a cottage, garden and croft; another messuage, garden, croft and six selions of arable; and another cottage, orchard and backside, all of which are situated in Stivichall, and were late in the tenures of Isaac Hale, John Keeling, Anthony Smith, William Ansell, Anne Wirley and Henry Standbridg, and now of Abraham Dry, ----- Cole, widow Davies and Thomas Rhodes. Signed: John Falkner, John Eedes, Mary Eedess, Hum. Hale, Amy Hale, Jacob Hale. Six red seals applied. Witnesses: Fetherston Paston, Samuel Fazakerley, Daniel Davis, William Browne, Davenport Hammond, Ap Greene, John Bowater, Simon Lucas.